Every final draft has major and minor mistakes. It’s an editor’s job to fix them. The amount of time it takes to edit your manuscript depends on what you need. For a complete edit, I like to read your entire manuscript so I can understand the whole body of the work. But if you provide a detailed outline, I will edit a large section of your manuscript, and you can get the rest edited later. It’s up to you. In addition to fixing grammar, usage, and punctuation problems, I’ll help solve problems with plot, character, dialogue, conflict, theme, setting, and consistency of style or voice.

If you’ve written a memoir or a nonfiction novel, I’ll help you communicate your ideas or experiences clearly. I don’t find much difference between editing a work of fiction and editing creative nonfiction; both use the same devices—narrative, dialogue, setting, etc.—to tell a story. As your editor, my job is to help you tell your story as honestly and entertainingly as possible.

My manuscript edit includes:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation
  • Revising sentences for clarity, style consistency, and pacing
  • Strengthening the passages involving conflict or tension
  • Fixing inconsistencies with the plot or characters
  • Eliminating redundant or unnecessary dialogue
  • Making sure your story is publishable

Regardless if your story is fiction or nonfiction, I’ll make suggestions when I find something that needs improving, but you’ll always have creative control. I want you to improve your story, not try to impose my own style on what you’ve created. You’ll always have the final say. I believe it is important to communicate with the author while I’m editing her or his manuscript. I will never take your manuscript and then return the edited copy to you without us having discussed the editing as it is progressing.

I realize that writers, especially new writers, often have financial difficulties. If you are a student, unemployed, or living in your mom’s basement while working at Starbucks, contact me by email and we can negotiate the price.

Partial Manuscript Edit (100- 200 pages)—$3.00 per page

Full Manuscript Edit (201 pages or more) —$2.50 per page

After reading a sample of your manuscript, if I don’t believe I can make your story publishable, I will not waste your money or my time.


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