This service offers a substantive edit of plot and character development, writing voice, point of view, and other structural and craft elements. This critique is also recommended for earlier drafts of a manuscript, with the expectation that significant rewriting and revision will follow, which would make close attention to grammatical errors pointless. Manuscript Critique is $2.50 per page.

  • First 10 Pages Critique –$25
  • First 50 Pages Critique –$75
  • Partial Manuscript Critique (100- 200 pages) –$1.50 per page
  • Full Manuscript Critique (201 pages or more) –$1.25 per page
  • Fiction Synopsis Critique (one page, single-spaced) – $25


Proof Check: Upload the first twenty pages (double-spaced) of your manuscript or ebook to see if it’s been proofread to perfection—$20

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