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Still Life with Dialogue

  Dialogue is important to your story. You can write an entertaining story without using dialogue, but usually you want your characters taking to one another. Dialogue can add life to your characters, furnish plot information, amplify tension, provide description, reveal emotions, or create a transitional bridge from one scene to another. Dialogue is also […]

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  Sometimes when I have a grammar, usage, or punctuation problem, I’ll go to Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl or Jane Straus’ instead of using The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), 16th Edition. Grammar Girl and base their suggestions on CMOS, and it’s often easier to find what I need on their websites than […]

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The Style of Voice

    I consider myself contemporary, if not futuristic, but with fiction writing I can be old-school—maybe old-fashioned. I’m mainly interested in narration, dialogue, tone, pacing, scene, description, plot, and characterization. Most of all, I’m interested in the story. If I’m talking about how a writer tells a story, I use the term style. If […]

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